Awesome - Great Decision!

I LOVE that you are an action-taker...I'm the same way! Every piece of this bundle was crafted to make the summit process as smooth and easy as possible. First step - watch the video - it walks you through how to use each part of the bundle.  Then download each item and get started today!


3 Simple Tips for Picking the BEST Speakers - CLICK HERE to download

Key Summit Components - CLICK HERE to download

Ultimate Summit Checklist - CLICK HERE to download

Production Schedule - CLICK HERE to download

Now...if you're REALLY ready to build your list...

I've developed a training session just for you! In this session I'll walk you through:

  • How to Add 1,000s of Ideal Clients to Your Email List FAST
  • How to Make Real Money Hosting A Virtual Summit
  • How to Position Your Event for Maximum Results
  • How to Position Yourself As An Expert in Your Industry
  • How to Launch A Fail-proof Summit Guaranteed to Maximize Your Time, Effort and Money for Ultimate Results