I've tried and tested countless sites and tools - here are my favorites
Web Hosting

GoDaddy - Their service is second to none - you can get a live person on the phone 24/7 to answer your questions and help you with whatever you need. Use my special code "WOWweb1214" and you'll get 20% off!

Email List Management*

AWeber - If you're on my email list, you've experienced AWeber. They have an easy to use drag and drop message creator - you can create beautiful emails in no time! Plus it's easy to create opt-in forms and applications to put on your website. They have the highest deliverability rate in the industry (it's a fancy way of saying your email will go to the IN box, not the SPAM box).

Word Press Theme*

Optimize Press 2 - If you like this site, you like Optimize Press 2. It's a really powerful theme that makes it easy to create awesome web pages, opt-in pages and membership modules.  And they are constantly updating it with awesome features. Best of all, for one price you own the license - no monthly maintenance fees or worries about losing your content.

Random Stuff - I just love this site! Basically it's a portal for things people will do for $5. Seriously. There are a lot of silly things ("I'll write your name in cheese for $5), but also a lot of things that you want done well but might not have the budget for - like web site banners, product image creation, video editing, etc.

Shopping Cart*

Premium Web Cart - Once again, service is king. I can almost always get a LIVE person on the phone who will help me sort through whatever question I have. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they really care about creating a platform that will serve your needs. Their affiliate program is easy to set up and gives real time info on clicks and sales.

Teleconference/Webinar Platform*

Instant Teleseminar - If you host conferences, teleseminars, webinars or any other type of virtual meeting, this is a fantastic platform. My favorite feature is the ability to send attendees to a link on YOUR website for a webinar - no need to download special software. Plus you control the look and feel of the session since it's on your site. Click the link and you'll receive a 21-day trial for only $1

Logos & Design - See that logo on the top of the page? It was created by a CrowdSpring designer - for only $200! Here's what's cool - you submit your project and designers start working on it. You might get 100 submissions, but you only pay for the one you like. You can send feedback to the designers to have them tweak the submissions. It's a great way to see a wide variety of ideas without spending a lot of money.


IrisBPrinting - Iris is awesome - her prices can't be beat ( adorable, 4-color business cards are higher quality and cost a lot less (for a lot more) than the first batch from VistaPrint. Plus she's easy to work with - a great combo!

Shopping Cart*

Marketer's Choice - Another powerful choice, especially when it comes to affiliate tracking and digital downloads. You can easily track clicks and sales from all your affiliates. And if you're using digital products, you can limit the number of downloads to protect your intellectual property

* Full disclosure - for these services I will get a small referral fee if you sign up with my link.