Wanna host a telesummit? It’s a GREAT way to build a mailing list, raise your profile and even earn a bit of money.  But it’s also a major undertaking. And if you don’t know how to put all the pieces together, the whole thing can come crashing down fast.

I’ve produced more than 80 telesummits and helped my clients add hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their email lists.

I’ve produced my own summits, coached summit hosts, and helped clients participate in summits as speakers, so I’ve been involved from every angle. And I know the exact tools and systems YOU need to make it successful. You can have the best experts in the world, but if your systems are not set up properly, it won’t matter.

I will hold your hand through each and every step – from conception to close. I’ve got all the forms, checklists and tips for smooth sailing.  There are three primary areas in which I work with clients:

Renee Waggener

"I was a Tele-Summit Virgin and LeeAnn made my first time fun and feel really really awesome.  I am making sure that she is going to be by my side for all things techie from here on out. She is an Expert, Tech guru, Master Marketer, Friend, Someone whom I can swear and laugh with when I make stupid mistakes. She spoon fed me tasks to complete, I did them, then she would send the next list of things to do.  I was never over-whelmed in a very overwhelming  process. OK, maybe a little overwhelmed, but she always reassured me and believed in me.  I believe LeeAnn to be the highest quality person to have on your team. I can’t wait to hire her again and keep her in my corner."

Renee Waggener, IF Busters

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