Lead Generation FUNdamentals Weekend

Grow, Automate & Monetize Your Email Marketing

As an entrepreneur and athlete, you wear many hats. Sometimes even ALL the hats! Technology can help you, but it changes so rapidly, it's hard to keep up. And it's really hard to know what platform is best for YOU and YOUR business.

Leveraging your online presence is a must in this day and age. Yet most of us don't take the time to create a strategic plan that really works. So we end up spinning our wheels with strategies and platforms that aren't the best match.

I can help you sort through all of this in a fun, productive weekend in the beautiful city of Chicago.

Over the course of the weekend you will:

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    Design Your Inbound Marketing Blueprint

    Together we'll map out how to get clients knocking on your "door" so you can stop wasting time chasing them down.

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    Create A Compelling Lead Magnet

    To add subscribers to your email list, you have to give them a good reason to sign up - a piece of content or information that will provide value. In this session we will create that content.

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    Identify & Execute Your Best Email List Building Strategy

    From super easy to complex - we'll help you sort out what method will bring you the best results. You'll identify your best 5 strategies and you'll execute one strategy over the weekend. You will generate leads during the event!

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    Perform A Tech Audit & Edit

    Take a close, hard look at all the platforms you're using - which ones do you really need and what can you let go of to run your business more efficiently and effectively. This session will save you time, money and energy every single day.

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    Draft Your Email Nurture Sequence

    When a subscriber signs up for your lead magnet, you'll need a short series of emails to lead him/her to your next step. In this session you'll write the emails and set them up in your email platform.

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    Complete A 12 Month Digital Marketing Plan & Content Calendar

    We'll map out the best strategies for you and your business plus when to execute them. Knowing what to do is one thing, knowing WHEN is another thing entirely. We'll map out a process that flows well to maximize results. So you know EXACTLY what to do on Monday morning (and Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning, etc).

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    Create Your Lead Magnet Web Pages

    Together we'll set up the landing page where you'll send your new traffic for your lead magnet as well as the Thank You page for people to download and/or consume it.

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    Surprise Physical Challenge

    As an athlete, you know first hand the impact physical challenges have on your mental game - and we'll have a fun challenge to do just that. No worries if you've "been on the sidelines" for a bit - all levels can participate.

This is a practical, hands-on, get-it-done weekend that will help you grow, monetize and automate your email marketing.  And we'll have fun in the process - I promise!

Space is VERY limited so book a call with me right now to see if this is a fit for you.