**Black Friday Special**

If you want to BUILD your email list and then NURTURE those subscribers so they become loyal fans and clients, you're in the right place!

This is a practical, hands-on, program that will help you get your email marketing act together! We'll walk you through setting up your email marketing foundation, then teach you practical, proven methods to grow your list! And we'll have fun in the process - I promise! Hurry - this Black Friday special is for a very limited time!

All for only $47 (through 11/26/18)

- Michelle Marchant Johnson, Founder of Love Life Coaching

"I have grown my email list and business significantly in part because of working with LeeAnn. Besides having a significant grasp on all the technical elements, she is the most knowledgeable person I know in terms of what really makes a successful list build. Her guidance, support and advice throughout the process are invaluable."

- Michelle Marchant Johnson, Founder of Love Life Coaching

Email marketing is a tool that ALL businesses can utilize, yet few do so effectively.  It's unfortunate because having an engaged email list is KEY to growing (and sustaining) a successful business. Social media is great, but it's not nearly as effective as email. As one 7-figure entrepreneur says "likes don't pay the bills - clients do."

Many entrepreneurs don't focus on email marketing because the process can be overwhelming and it's hard to know where start and what to do to once you've started.

No more theory, no more talk about getting started, this 30 day intensive is all about action and implementation!


With this course you will:

  • Create A Compelling Lead Magnet
  • Create Your Lead Magnet Web Pages
  • Draft Your Email Nurture Sequence
  • Build Your List Using Proven List Building Strategies
  • Learn How Often to Message Your List (and What to Say)
  • Create A 90 Day Content Calendar
  • Finally Understand Email Marketing!

If you're thinking "I know I need all of this, but I still don't know what half of it even is..." you're not alone.

I get it, and I'm here to help.

In this program we will cover which platform to use, how to grow YOUR list, how to set up YOUR web page, what to say in YOUR emails, how often to email, etc. I have the road-map  to guide you through the "technical" confusion that stops many entrepreneurs in their tracks.

Hurry - special price ends November 26th!!

Only $47

Here's what's included:

  • Digital Course on How to Create A Compelling Lead Magnet
  • Digital Course on How to Create Your Lead Magnet Web Pages
  • Digital Course on How to Draft Your Email Nurture Sequence
  • SIX Training Modules on How to Build Your List Using Proven Strategies
  • Private 30-minute Digital Debrief with LeeAnn

All for Only $47

About LeeAnn

LeeAnnWebster-IMG_0118 LeeAnn Marie Webster is the creator of Just Done It Weekend, Just Grow It Club, and Totally Telesummits.  She is an inspirational speaker, lawyer, coach and entrepreneur with 20 years experience in marketing and business development in a range of industries.  She helps entrepreneurs build, grow and nurture their email lists without being cheesy or sleazy.

LeeAnn is a digital nomad, having spent a full year traveling the US and putting the mobility of her business to the test!

She has been featured in The Huffington Post, WGN Radio, Los Angeles Times and various national and local media outlets.

LeeAnn is also a runner and triathlete who recently completed her first full Ironman® event.


Email LeeAnn (leeann@leeannmariewebster.com)