"LeeAnn does exactly what it says on the TIN! Without a shadow of a doubt what she says she simply does. The insights, advice, care and attention to detail is what made the execution and delivery of my 2014 summit of the highest quality and stress free. You can hire anyone to put a few webpages together for a summit! But what you will find invaluable is LeeAnn’s depth and breadth of experience. This is the ‘difference that makes a difference’. In a nutshell, hire LeeAnn."

Neera Menon
Be The Top 10% Summit

"LeeAnn is just the best. She is fun, she is funny, and super professional. She knows what she is doing, and keeps it real simple and easy for those who don't. She is a delight to talk with, and not just on your first call. She has held my hand through my first telesummit, and quite frankly, I could not have done it without her. She is cool, she is warm, she has integrity, she is everything you need her to be. And absolutely gets the job done, and even assists you in getting your job done. I can't recommend her highly enough"

Rosine Kushnick
Unlock Your Creative Genius (and Get Paid for It!)

"Simply put, LeeAnn is AWESOME! I’m so grateful for her amazing work, her patience, and her ability to always laugh. Being a “telesummit virgin” (LeeAnn’s phrase), there were a lot of times that I wasn’t sure of the next step, or forgot a piece along the way, but LeeAnn always kept me on track and was amazing through the whole process. I never felt like any of my questions were too silly to ask, or any of my requests were ignored-she took care of everything perfectly from start to finish. The other day, I was reflecting on my telesummit…how grateful I am to have done it, the amazing things that have come from it, the list that I’ve built, etc. and I was struck by the fact that it really didn’t seem that hard. I’m certain that’s because LeeAnn did all the hard work and I was able to sit back and relax. I’m not saying that it was easy, but doing a telesummit is completely worth it and having LeeAnn by my side made the whole experience low stress (and actually kind of fun)!"

Marilee Sears
Future of Dentistry Summit

"LeeAnn is a powerhouse who knows her stuff. She works with you where you are. I had no clue what I was doing or what needed to be done, but LeeAnn came in and took the reins and put everything together. LeeAnn made everything happen seamlessly with her "magic." She made me feel comfortable from Day 1. She's tough and makes sure to keep you on task, which was a blessing . My telesummit was a success - thanks to LeeAnn and her "amazingness."

Andrea Williams
Wealth Insurance Summit

"In building my first telesummit I came to a point where I (not being a tech person) needed help!  LeeAnn came in the (almost) 11th hour and put together my website, came up with innovative ideas, and walked me through how to use it. She is the kind of person I want on my team – never gives up and communicates the whole way through.  I’m ever so grateful!!"

Cyndi Olin
Create Your Own Luck in Love

"I was a Tele-Summit Virgin and LeeAnn made my first time fun and feel really really awesome.  I am making sure that she is going to be by my side for all things techie from here on out. She is an Expert, Tech guru, Master Marketer, Friend, Someone whom I can swear and laugh with when I make stupid mistakes. She spoon fed me tasks to complete, I did them, then she would send the next list of things to do.  I was never over-whelmed in a very overwhelming  process. OK, maybe a little overwhelmed, but she always reassured me and believed in me.  I believe LeeAnn to be the highest quality person to have on your team. I can’t wait to hire her again and keep her in my corner."

Renee Waggener
IF Busters

"LeeAnn was such a huge help with my 2014 Telesummit!   Not only does she guide you, keep you on point and hitting your deadlines but she also provides a wealth of information on which software to use, referrals for the best graphics and what tricks work best to get the most out of your list build.  What impressed me the most is that she took the time to record an online training with me for my email database software and how to build landing pages!  She was BEYOND helpful!  That is a true coach…one that empowers her clients by teaching them tools!   I highly recommend working with LeeAnn and her team if you want a smooth sailing, efficient and professional looking telesummit!"

Karie Millspaugh
Forever Young Summit

“You were truly invaluable in helping me create a summit I am proud of.  I got more new subscribers to my list than I had anticipated, developed great relationships with many of the speakers and can use this success to catapult my business forward.  I am thrilled.  I plan to do other telesummits in the future and would not even consider doing it without you to help me!   You are very intelligent, keep cool under pressure and made it all a lot more fun with your sense of humor and generous wisdom!”

Michelle Marchant Johnson
Ready for The Right Guy Summit

"I was completely pleased with the thoroughness, professionalism, and polish that LeeAnn brought to my summit.  Even before it was over I referred many potential clients to her. Throughout the entire process, she never dropped the ball - not even once. She stayed on top of every single detail and made my life that much less stressful. I do not know how I could have done this summit without LeeAnn's expertise. Thank you, LeeAnn! I am looking forward to using your services again and again."

Sabrina Marasovich
Practical Parenting Help Summit

"LeeAnn was innovative, deeply engaged, and went far beyond the call of duty to meet our creative needs and to have our event flow smoothly.  We highly recommend LeeAnn if you’re thinking of doing a summit or a big webinar event. Not only does she handle the back end, she can guide you through the process of hosting with a detailed guide, so you don’t miss anything. She’s outstanding!"

Karen Brody & Tallie Rabin
Passion Evolution Summit

“LeeAnn has been instrumental in taking my business to a higher level. She’s sharp with exceptional problem solving skills.  Her dedication and ability is superb, and she is a joy to work with. I have recommended her to many others and will continue to do so!”

Marcie Peters
Transform Your Health World Summit

fade-leftfade-rightWant to host a summit? CLICK HERE for a private strategy session!

fade-leftfade-rightWant to host a summit? CLICK HERE for a private strategy session!